“Brotox” – Why more and more men are making botox part of their personal grooming

If you thought that botox was just for women and the rich and famous, then think again… “Brotox” is the latest thing
It seems more and more men are taking the plunge and using botox to enhance their appearance and reduce the appearance of those deep wrinkles that can appear.
Men naturally have larger muscles, and the face is no different.  These more powerful muscles can easily produce deep furrows in the face in between the bulk of the muscle.  One of the commonest areas is between the eyebrows, producing what are often termed the “11’s”.

Many men are turning to botox to help eradicate those “angry 11’s” between the eyebrows

For many the persistence of these lines gives the impression of a frown even when the facial muscles aren’t meaning to produce one.  By injecting the muscles in this area, known as the glabella, with botox the muscles relax and allow the lines to soften, and potentially disappear.  The effect is a less aggressive or angry appearance making you look younger and more approachable at the same time.

Now you might think that it’s also just gay or ‘metrosexual’ men that might consider botox, but figures show that all types of men from all forms of careers are using it as part of their personal grooming programme.  It seems in the US last year over 300,000 men went ‘under the syringe’ to take advantage of the facial anti-wrinkle benefits of botox, and UK men are following suit.

It also seems that for some men that initial push required to ‘take the plunger’ of the (botox) syringe came from their partners, buying them gift certificates for Christmas and Valentines day.

So why did these men go through with it?
 Well for some it was to try and regain their youthful looks, to be able compete with younger colleagues at work, for some just to please their partners, and for others to appear more attractive to prospective partners.

Whatever the reason, it seems it becoming perfectly acceptable and may even become as part of the norm for any man to have botox as it is to have a haircut.
If you’re concerned about the appearance of those facial lines or would like to banish those angry 11’s, or if you’re woman who would like to treat your man to something   they’re too shy to consider for Valentine’s Day or a birthday gift and keep them looking young, then give us a call and we might just be able to help.
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