Can Botox really make you happier or help stop you getting depressed?

As botulinum toxin use increases for both aesthetic and therapeutic uses, it seems more and more indications are found for its use.

A recent Swiss study has found that by preventing your facial muscles from forming a frown, can actually prevent you from experiencing the negative emotions that normally cause you to frown in the first place. By preventing the formation of the frown, you significantly reduce the likelihood of feeling angry or upset. The long term benefit could well be that you reduce your risk of depression.

This study, showed a clear reduction in symptoms of depression in a small group of patients, who weren’t concerned about the cosmetic appearance of their frown lines, for up to 16 weeks after their injection. Similar effects weren’t found in a similar group of patients injected with a placebo drug. It adds further evidence to other similar smaller studies published Credit union agent in 2006 and 2008, on psychiatric and cosmetic surgery patients.

This also begs the question, if you use botox to give you a slightly upturned mouth mimicking a smile, will it make you feel even happier?