Chemical Peel

Treatment Time: Approx 50mins

What is a peel?
A peel involves applying a solution to the skin that removes superficial layers of the skin to expose underlying newer skin.

Ultimate Eye Corrector peel

Repairs the eye contour,tightens upper and lower eyelid and crows feet.

T.C.AGE peel

Indicated for Photo ageing, sun damage, fine-medium depth wrinkles and acne scars

Lightening peel

indicated for Hyperpigmentation

P by P

Medium depth TCA peel indicated for bar code wrinkles (above the top lip) and acne scars

Glyco-age peel

Improves hydration and reduces open pores.

Bio C peel

Indicated for premature ageing, toning and brightening.

Mandelage peel

Indicated for Mild inflammatory acne and early sun damage with pigmentation.

Skin Recovery peel

Indicated for Anti ageing and Moderate acne and oily skin.