Teeth Whitening

Treatment Time: 80 minutes

Cost: £90

What laser teeth whitening?
We use the Natura Aura Laser system which is an advanced laser light and this system is the safest, most effective system used in the united kingdom and Europe.

The treatment

The LED’s specific wavelength that is emitted accelerates the oxidisation process and speeds up the whitening process. The light source does not produce halogen or UV light but achieves luminescent whitening. We use a whitening gel that is non peroxide and EU approved.

Teeth whitening should only be performed in a healthy mouth.

Not Everyone is suitable for cosmetic teeth whitening.

This treatment is not indicated for people with extensive periodontal disease, tooth decay, exposed roots, severe loss of enamel or cracked teeth.

Teeth that are internally stained, or stained from taking tetracycline (antibiotic) will not respond well to theta whitening.

Pregnant or breast feeding mothers should not have their teeth whitened.

This treatment is not recommended for people undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy particularly head and neck radiation.

Teeth that appear brown or grey in colour are very difficult to whiten effectively. These teeth can take several months to whiten just a few shades.

If your teeth are naturally sensitive, whitening may make them more sensitive, this is because of excessive wear or loss of enamel on the surface of the tooth. Usually this is not permanent and can the use of a sensitive toothpaste at home can help to relieve any discomfort.

Teeth whitening is not harmful to people that have crowns or veneers, although the whitening results are usually less noticeable compared to the results on natural teeth.

Yellow teeth generally respond well to tooth whitening treatment.